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Senior Team Leader

From the time my daughter was born until she turned three and I went back to school, I was a 24/7 stay-at-home single mom. My journey through motherhood has been a rewarding one but the isolation was challenging, so I quickly developed a passion for building community connections. Many of us were feeling extremely isolated as a result of this pandemic, so I wanted to build a virtual community to support my fellow families through these tough times. I’m definitely no expert in home-schooling a child and I will say that as much as I love Pinterest and laminating things, my child thrives more in the classroom. The idea to create Vancouver Virtual Families came to me out of the blue in April 2020 when I was in the middle of writing up a research proposal for school. It has now been two years since our official launch (and somehow I now have an 8-year-old?!) and we have created such a community since then! Thank you so much for supporting this initiative.



Senior Team Leader

I’m a first generation Canadian of immigrant parents from whom I’ve inherited a passion for community involvement. In nearly 17 years of raising my own children I’ve been a single parent, co-parent, step parent, working parent, a full time student and stay-at-home parent. Through my work in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, I have learned to be very resourceful. Prior to the pandemic, I was just wrapping up on maternity leave for my youngest daughter who is 15 months old, so my life hasn’t changed much. Since the COVID-19 pandemic first began, I’ve received daily questions from friends and family asking for help and resources. I found myself sharing and sourcing information for people in various Facebook groups and even founded a small group to support our children academically. With a 6 year old step-beauty and a 16 year old in French immersion, the idea of homeschooling even one of them was overwhelming. While I am currently only needing to oversee my teenager's schooling, it is proving to be the biggest struggle. When Ashley approached me with this idea I was all in. I have a background in community capacity building and was stoked about the opportunity to really be a part of something bigger. My excitement has me staying up late searching for and vetting new resources and I can’t wait to see where this will take us!

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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